The BMB-Agroklaster enterprise contributes to ensuring food safety

The BMB-Agroklaster enterprise contributes to ensuring food safety

Today, the consistent economic reforms carried out in the field of agriculture are one of the most pressing issues to meet the demand of the population for high-quality food and improve this process and equate it with world standards.

In order to find a solution to these urgent tasks, the BMB-Agroklaster enterprise, founded in 2021, in cooperation with the Joint-Stock Commercial Bank Agrobank, is engaged in the cultivation of high-quality agricultural products in several districts of the Jizzakh region, covering the processes of production, processing, storage, maintenance and export of products in the field of fruit and vegetable growing.

In particular, in May of this year, potato seeds of class E varieties “Sante” and “Seniora” were brought by the company from Holland and planted on a number of farm plots in the Gallaorol area. It is gratifying that by today the work of thousands of farmers and workers has begun to bear fruit.

As soon as the seeds sprouted and got into the crop, work was started on harvesting it. The main part of potato products grown by the BMB-Agroklaster enterprise is aimed at creating a potato seed reserve in our country for 2023 in order to ensure food security, as well as providing a high-quality product to domestic consumer markets.

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