Grow 16 types of high-quality agricultural products

Grow 16 types of high-quality agricultural products
It is known that on the basis of the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated December 15, 2021 “On measures to support the fruit and vegetable industry, further development of the cluster and network cooperation system”, positive results are observed in our country.

In order to fulfill these urgent tasks and ensure food security, the fruit and vegetable cluster “BMB-Agrocluster”, which operates in an extremely important area that makes the country’s table satisfying and prosperous, in cooperation with the joint-stock commercial bank “Uzsanoatkurilishbank”, produces products in the agro-industrial complex, processes it, including the processes of processing, storage, service and export, produces 16 types of high-quality agricultural products in the Arnasay, Sharof-Rashidov and Gallyaorol districts of the Jizzakh region.

It should be noted that mutually beneficial relations built on the basis of trust between business entities and banks serve to further increase production indicators in the agricultural sector, as well as the further development of our national economy.

This year, the fruit and vegetable cluster will grow potatoes (morning and evening), carrots, onions, tomatoes, bell peppers, eggplants, garlic, onions, sweet potatoes, sunflowers, mashed potatoes, peas, beans, peanuts on the basis of cooperation with the farms of the above areas take care of this, making the production of finished products according to the principle “from field to farm” a priority.

In addition, in the conditions of today’s vagaries of nature, hot weather, limited water resources, “Bobcat” and “Terra Cotta” tomatoes, “California Wonder” and “Lastochka” bell peppers that have been growing by farmers are giving high yields and supplying to the population of our country.

Taking into account the global importance of food security, providing the population with high-quality agricultural products, fruits and vegetables cluster is implementing the promising project, as well as effectively using the available opportunities and resources that will fully satisfy the demand of the population in agricultural products and increase the export potential of our country.

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