The project for deep processing of agricultural products continues

The project for deep processing of agricultural products continues
Everyone knows that today in agriculture without deep processing and development of industry the intended goal cannot be achieved. It is noteworthy in this regard that the range of achievements in the field of processing has been expanding in recent years.

Our company is widely implementing a cluster system that provides for the creation of a value chain, the production, processing, storage and sale (export) of high-quality and competitive agricultural products based on modern technologies, as well as its fast and high-quality delivery. In particular, over the past period, the BMB Agro Trade food cluster and the BMB Agroklaster fruit and vegetable cluster began their activities in the company’s system.

In order to organize deep processing of products grown by the clusters of the BMB Trade Group company in Sh. Rashidov district of Jizzakh region, sorting, packaging and exporting to foreign markets, the total cost of the two stages is 27.17 million US dollars. The total cost of the first stage of the project is an investment project in the amount of 9.57 million US dollars, which involved own funds and borrowed funds from JSCB “O’zsanoatqurilishbank”. And in the second stage, 17.6 million US dollars will be assigned, and its full operation is scheduled for September 2024.

Modern equipment of leading companies in Belgium, Italy, Turkey and China allows for deep processing of more than 40,000 tons of fruits and vegetables per year.

Today, construction is being carried out at a high pace over the production building and the construction of engineering and communication infrastructure. It is planned to complete the construction and installation work of the equipment in the 3rd quarter of this year.

From the cultivated products of the fruit and vegetable cluster, it is planned to establish a complete chain up to deep processing, as well as to involve German specialists in agrotechnical measures for growing, processing, and packaging products. An accredited laboratory will be created in the complex, which will issue certificates for finished products. It is planned to supply a wide range of finished products directly to the domestic market of Germany and through Germany to Europe and other countries.

Also, the creation of a modern processing plant will serve to create 240 permanent and 800 seasonal jobs.

Products such as dried fruits and vegetables, jams, jams, purees and pastes are produced through the deep processing of agricultural products grown by clusters in the company’s system. This, in turn, will provide the domestic market with a variety of high-quality and competitive finished products, and will also create the basis for directing them to large foreign markets in the future.

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