Happy professional holiday, dear Teachers!

Касб байрамингиз муборак бўлсин, азиз Устозлар!
Happy professional holiday, dear Teachers!
Today, the role of mentors and coaches is very important for every person to grow up as a perfect person, to find his place in the society and achieve success.
Time itself shows that the success of our reforms in Uzbekistan, which is being renewed, is connected with the development of the science and education spheres, and the fact that our country takes a worthy place among the developed, modern countries of the world.
On this auspicious occasion, we sincerely bow before your honorable and hard work. We wish you success and victories in your work towards the development of our country, the well-being of our people, and the development of the next generation. May peace and blessings never leave your home!
BMB Holding team!

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