BMB Holding – ACIR Southern Europe: new stages of cooperation

BMB Holding – ACIR Southern Europe: new stages of cooperation

A meeting was organized at the Head Office of BMB Holding with the director of the project office of the Spanish company ACIR Southern Europe, Egor Zhunyaev. During the dialogue, which took place in the spirit of mutual interest, specific plans and prospects for expanding cooperation were discussed on the basis of a previously signed cooperation agreement between both companies.

It is noteworthy that large projects implemented by BMB Agro Plus, including a complex for the cultivation, storage and deep processing of agricultural products, aroused increased interest among foreign guests. At the negotiations, the prospects for export supplies of processed agricultural products to the markets of Spain and a number of European countries, as well as the provision of joint consulting services to other foreign partners, were discussed.

In addition, following the meeting, an agreement was reached to establish cooperation with companies in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and other industries, with the aim of establishing exports and expanding the geography of BMB Za’faron medicinal products.


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