BMB Za`faron products began to conquer the Dutch market

BMB Za`faron products began to conquer the Dutch market

On October 27 this year, in accordance with the recently concluded export contract with ABAC Holland B.V. The first batch of BMB Zafaron products was sent to the Netherlands.

 As you know, at the beginning of October this year, Dutch partners specially came to our country to familiarize themselves with all the processes of planting, caring for and growing saffron bulbs brought from Italy at the plantations in the Bakhmal region. They also carefully supervised the harvesting, processing and storage. Foreign partners, who were satisfied that all quality indicators of BMB Zafaron products strictly correspond to international standards, decided to establish practical cooperation.

For information: ABAC Holland B.V. has more than 40 years of experience in horticulture and agriculture, and one of its main activities is the cultivation, harvesting, packaging, processing and sale of saffron. Thus, the geography of Uzbek saffron exports has expanded, and now it occupies a worthy place on the shelves of one of the most promising markets on the European continent.

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