Partnership relationships with European companies are widening

Partnership relationships with European companies are widening

Partnership relationships with European companies are widening

On 23rd January of this year, meeting has been conducted between management of BMB Holding and President of Proto Global GmbH Ziya Gaziyev.

During the meeting, achievements and results of joint venture BMB-Opera Zafferano, BMB Holding enterprise, on handling, processing and export of saffron, and future goal and plans have been shared.

As it was appraised, long-term works on obtaining USDA Organic certificate, in partnership with Control Union Certifications (Netherlands), aiming the enlargement of export volumes and geography, have been finished. The product has passed successfully the complicated tests of European laboratories several times.

It was mentioned with pleasure that the products of BMB Holding’s enterprises are obtaining the most authoritative quality and organic certificates of Europe and USA.

During the meeting, distribution of saffron product, handled in Uzbekistan in natural (organic) way and its export to the World markets by using within biologic active supplements, produced by Proto Global GmbH, was discussed.

In addition, negotiations were held with President of Da IERVASI S.r.l. Giuseppe Camastra. Agreement was achieved about distribution of deeply processed agricultural production from BMB Agro Plus to European countries, including Germany and Italy.

At the same time, a number of meetings were held with our compatriots, in order to act as an official representatives of BMB Holding company abroad and increase the export of processed products through them, to co-operate with potential partners in various fields of business, by attracting the existing potential of large foreign companies and enterprises to the economy of our country, and to cooperate with potential partners in Germany.

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