If we look at the export indicators of Uzbekistan, we will get a clear idea of the geography of exports. According to the statistical agency, in January-November 2023, 1.6 million tons of fruits and vegetables worth about $1.1 billion were exported abroad. 37.6% of agricultural products released onto the world market were sent to the Russian Federation on the basis of phytosanitary certificate.

It is known from the figures that Russia is a large market for agricultural products grown in Uzbekistan. Therefore, the opening of barrier-free export corridors is of particular importance, and the role of the quarantine service in this process is important. This is because pest-free fruits and vegetables are key to successful exports. In this regard, within the framework of a memorandum of cooperation signed by the All-Russian Research Institute of Plant Quarantine with the Federal State Budgetary Organization (FGBU “VNIIKR”), research was carried out in Sharaf together with Russian specialists on January 15-19. Rashidov district of Jizzakh region.

The testing laboratories of the “BMB-NRC AGROLOGISTICS” complex and the capabilities of modern equipment on site, the level of accuracy of the analyzes were carried out according to important indicators. First, the scientists exchanged views on the identification of harmful cyst-forming organisms, the method of working with equipment that automatically separates these organisms in the laboratory, and the definition of countermeasures.

The Russian experience in the rapid detection of bacterial and virological diseases using the PCR method was also studied. One of the issues that was in the spotlight was the process of fumigation of products exported to Russia. At the same time, the location of smoke chambers, the drugs used, as well as the issue of increasing the knowledge and skills of inspectors through joint programs were discussed. An exchange of views also took place on the supply of the necessary equipment for carrying out modern laboratory analyzes to the agrological center.

At this facility, which is currently considered the largest and only agrological complex in Uzbekistan, products for export are checked in 6 areas. Agricultural products are sorted, calibrated, processed and packaged in a center covering an area of 40 hectares. There is also storage. That is, it is possible to supply agricultural products according to world standards.

Undoubtedly, the joint venture “BMB-NRC AGROLOGISTICS” will increase the export potential of our country, make a worthy contribution to the development of economic development, and improve the well-being of our people.

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