The company was founded on April 4, 2017, and today more than 1,000 foreign companies use our services.

The company’s main activities are based on providing consulting services on investment projects, developing international business and trade relations, attracting foreign investment, implementing investment projects in various sectors of the economy, introducing innovative technologies and creating modern agro-industrial clusters. Over the past short period, the company has boldly entered into various aspects of the economy and established subsidiaries and joint ventures, including:

– modern agro-industrial complexes, which are becoming a trend in the field of cluster activities in our country, aimed at creating a favorable environment for agribusiness and value chains (food, fruits and vegetables and medicinal plant clusters) – BMB AGRO, BMB SHIFO, BMB AGROKLASTER and BMB OPERA ZAFFERANO JV Uzbekistan – Italy;

– enterprises providing primary and deep processing of agricultural products and logistics services – BMB AGRO PLUS JV and BMB NRC AGROLOGISTICS Uzbekistan-Russia JV;

– in the field of export and import – BMB IMPEX;


– construction of transport and logistics facilities, development of social infrastructure – BMB HIGHTECH;

– in order to highlight the comprehensive reforms carried out in New Uzbekistan under the leadership of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, strengthening communication with the people and public relations, creating conditions for the dissemination of objective information in society, improving the international image and business cooperation of our country, expanding the weight of the quality and volume of objective materials disseminated in national media and social networks, and finally, in order to promote the processes of media convergence, effectively used in world experience BMB MEDIA MARKAZ (Media Center) was created;

– healthcare and recreational activities (Bayavut and Navoi health centers);

– a number of socio-economic projects related to the development of sports – BMB Professional Futsal Club.

Joint investment projects worth $1.5 billion are also being implemented.

Today the company includes 30enterprises, 5 of which are joint ventures, and the rest are subsidiaries.

Today, expanding the company’s system requires changing the organizational and legal form of management. The number of organizations within this company, which has entered global markets and received recognition, has reached 30, and its scale has expanded significantly. In the future, the company intends to create a joint-stock company, the assets of which will include not only the assets of subsidiaries and joint ventures, but also controlling stakes in other enterprises. Therefore, this company decided to act in the form of a holding company in order to unite the organizations included in its structure and fulfill the enormous tasks assigned to it.

For this purpose, the company name BMB Trade Group was changed to BMB HOLDING. The subsidiaries and joint ventures that are part of BMB HOLDING have changed their names and activities as a result of rebranding. The holding, which has changed its administrative and legal form, will now have the opportunity to expand the scope of its activities in order to establish large-scale cooperation with international financial institutions, banks and large foreign companies operating in accordance with international standards.

The purpose of the rebranding is to make a worthy contribution to demonstrating the results of the opportunities provided to entrepreneurs of Uzbekistan to the wider world, to implement a policy of transparency (openness), to systematically present the country’s brand to Europe and other countries of the world, to increase the country’s export potential through its activities, and to attract foreign investment in the economy of our country.

Main directions

The holding’s activities are related to agriculture (creation of food clusters, fruits and vegetables and medicinal plants), tourism (chain of hotels and restaurants), construction of transport and logistics facilities, development of social infrastructure, construction activities, development of sports in our country and other companies, implementing a number of social and economic projects.

Our company feels responsible to the people and the state in ensuring food safety. That is why we carry out our activities in the field of agriculture.

The company’s subsidiaries were created to develop agriculture. One of them is the BMB Agro enterprise, which grows agricultural products on an area of more than 1,200 hectares in the Arnasay district of the Jizzakh region.

In addition, a branch of BMB Shifo is involved in this network, which specializes in the cultivation of medicinal plants, processing and production of medicines and essential oils in the Bakhmal district of Jizzakh region.

A subsidiary of our company, BMB Impex, specializes in the regular export and import of fruits, vegetables and other products.

Every business partner is important to us. We strive to be not only partners, but also reliable business assistants. Therefore, many of our clients have been cooperating with our company for many years.

The organization carries out its activities on the basis of the current legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Also, over 5 years, at the initiative of the company’s management, 12 decrees of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, 6 resolutions and 1 protocol of the Cabinet of Ministers were introduced and successfully reviewed.

Structural divisions of the holding

The holding includes 30 enterprises, of which 5 are joint ventures (JVs) and 25 subsidiaries.

Subsidiaries of BMB Holding

Joint ventures