The subsidiary “BMB AGRO” was created in 2017 and is engaged in growing agricultural products on an area of 1069 hectares in the Arnasay district of the Jizzakh region.

The company provides permanent jobs for 100 people. Every year, more than 1,400 people are provided with seasonal work.

The food cluster specializes in the cultivation and processing of export-oriented agricultural products. One of the main goals of the project is to organize cluster activities. Growing cotton and grain products in a covered area is carried out on the basis of scientific research and innovation. The cluster’s tractor fleet consists of modern agricultural machinery and equipment from the world’s leading manufacturers John Deere, New Holland, Arion and Belarus.

The cultivation and export of grain legumes and oilseeds such as mung bean, beans, chickpeas, sesame, corn, sunflower and peanuts has been established.

BMB AGRO has capacities for sorting, grading and packaging of pulses. There are also livestock farms and poultry farms.